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At Ravens Creek Farm we have strong principles when it comes to raising livestock to produce meat.

All of our animals are allowed to live outside, expressing all of their natural behaviours and growing healthily without the interference of chemicals or growth hormones.

More and more consumers are recognising the importance of sourcing their meat locally. Knowing where your food comes from, and how it is grown, is becoming so important for those who are interested in fuelling their body with the right food.

Grass fed beef and pasture raised pork provide higher levels of healthy minerals and good fats than their grain fed, indoor-raised counterparts.  

Grass fed beef contains an equal amount of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This balance is vital for our health and plays a key role in the prevention of widespread western illnesses such as heart disease, arthritis and cancer. 

Plus, animals raised outside avoid long periods of stress as they can express their natural instincts and relax freely in an open and healthy environment. They are also much less likely to contract diseases and therefore do not require medical treatments throughout their lives. 

When purchasing meat from Ravens Creek Farm, you can be confident that you are getting healthy, natural, nutrient-dense and local food produced with integrity.

You can find our meat available to purchase at the following stockists:

Surf Coast Wholefoods, Torquay
- Peach's, Torquay
- Valerie's Pantry, Belmont
Organic Mojo, Newtown
East Fruit Market, East Geelong
Ocean Grove Fresh Fruit, Ocean Grove

Or sample us on the menu at
Igni, Geelong
- Alma, Geelong
- Nicol's Paddock, Waurn Ponds
Roku Den, Torquay
Tulip, Geelong West