Our beef is from 100% grass fed cattle

Importantly, grass-fed beef contains the optimum balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, a balance essential for overall health and preventing common western illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.

The cattle are moved around the farm in a way that mimics their natural herding instincts, using what's called planned high-density grazing. Hayden uses portable fencing to shift the cows at least once a day - sometimes up to four times - across the paddocks. This ensures the cows get the most energy possible from the grass they eat and also helps to regenerate the land by concentrating the cow manure, trampling grass down and resting paddocks for long periods of time.

At Ravens Creek Farm we are passionate about ensuring the meat we eat comes from healthy, happy animals who have been able to express their natural behaviours as much as possible. We believe not only does this make for more ethical eating, it also makes the meat tastier and better for you.

Our beef is available in 8kg (approx) beef boxes, which you can pick up from our farm. The boxes are made up of a combination of cuts, including prime steaks, roasting joints, stir fry and mince.

To order a beef box or for more information email