True free range pork, from pigs living as nature intended

Our pigs live a natural life outside under the trees all around our farm. They are an integral part of our system, manuring and mulching in areas that the cows can't access. And they are so much fun to look after!

It's a sad fact that over 90% of Australia's pork products come from factory farms where pigs spend their lives in cramped sheds.  By purchasing Ravens Creek Farm pork you are helping us to make a stand against the unnatural conditions in conventional pig farming. You will also get a better product! Pasture-raised pork has a richer flavour as well as healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and higher levels of vitamin E. 

You can purchase our pork, bacon, ham and salamis directly from us at our cafe or at the following stockists:

- Peaches, Torquay
- Valeries Pantry, Belmont
Surf Coast Wholefoods, Torquay
Organic Mojo, Newtown
East Fruit Market, East Geelong

Or sample our meat on the menu at
Igni, Geelong
Roku Den, Torquay
Tulip, Geelong West
Alma, Geelong
- Blackmans Brewery, Torquay